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Why choose Cannabis Outcomes?

About: Clients

Although there are dozens of companies that offer business analytics, no one is doing what we do to help improve patient care.  And that’s no surprise.  Doing what we do is difficult.  It requires a big toolbox of sophisticated methods, matched with clinical expertise and a commitment to patient care.  Not many groups can offer that package.

But we can.  We’re physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and medical researchers who love finding innovative ways to harness data in the service of better patient care.  Cannabis Outcomes can bring talented people together to help you because we’ve partnered with leading academic institutions around the world.

That means we can offer our clients the best and most comprehensive service, including:

  • The best expertise: We offer access to researchers and statisticians who have pioneered innovative methods of data analysis.

  • A complete range of skills:  Whether you need advice in planning a patient database, or a turnkey patient registry, we can help.  From the simplest data analysis to the most sophisticated studies, including propensity score matched effectiveness evaluation and clinical trials, we can help.

  • Unlimited capacity:  We’re backed by the US’s largest academic research organization, which means we can help you tackle any job, no matter how ambitious it is.

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